Friday, 2 March 2012

Prediction: Daisy Benson Will Change Her Position On The NHS Bill

Desperate Daisy Set To Flip
How many days before the next council elections on 3 May will Daisy Benson and her anonymous candidate in Redlands change their position on the NHS Bill?

Daisy has been a vocal and long-term supporter of the changes from the very start. It's hard to say about their candidate because so little is known of him (I'm told he was their 4th choice).

However, as pressure grows, I predict both will announce they are no longer in favour of the unwanted and unnecessary bill. But if they were in favour of the original bill and it's since been amended to make it even more voter-friendly, why would they change? You might well ask.

As for their Redlands candidate: Where does he live? Is he married? Does he have any children attending our local schools?

It's all a bit of a mystery. Aren't these things voters have a reasonable right to know? Why so coy?

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