Monday, 2 April 2012

Not A Local School For East Reading

View Larger Map Apparently public consultation on the new Technical Academy is due to start today and run until 11 May.

Of course, the final proposals bear little resemblance to the original promise by Rob Wilson for a new school for east Reading.

Instead the Technical Academy (down-graded from the planned University Technical College, following the withdrawal by the University of Reading as a co-sponsor) will have a catchment area of a 15 miles radius from their target site at Crescent Road - or, given that the site has not yet been bought, somewhere inside or outside of Reading.

But if they only take "half the site" at Crescent Road, does the funding stack up for the land-owner without seeking to build on the other half?

I'm also led to understand that the "sub-regional" school will restrict the number of admissions by post code within the catchment area, so as not to scare the other secondary school heads. 

All this hardly fulfils the promise of a new school for east Reading does it Mr Wilson? UPDATE: In case you don't see it anywhere else, the link to the public consultation is here

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