Monday, 28 May 2012

Why So Few Bother To Vote

Coalition has weakened link between voters and government

Here's an interesting piece in today's Daily Telegraph about why so few people bother to vote.

Jeff Randall wonders why when "outside wartime, rarely have the political stakes been higher" - the eurozone unravelling, Britain’s double-dip recession, the Leveson Inquiry's examination of dodgy dealing in high places, and Baroness Warsi adding to a suspicion that cheap-and-nasty corruption is the new British disease - yet traditional political engagement is falling away.

In recent local elections, two thirds of those eligible to vote did not bother.

Randall concludes that "Coalition politics is proving a disaster for conventional democracy. Disillusioned citizens are simply dropping out, as they conclude, justifiably, that the system is giving them neither what they were promised nor what they would like."

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