Monday, 11 June 2012

Lib Dem Membership Plummets

Who would be a Lib Dem these days?

Good question, and a question to which the answer is – far less people than last year, as their membership slumped by 20% in a single year.

Lets take a look at some of their vital statistics. How did trebling tuition fees work out for the Lib Dem Youth wing “Liberal Youth?


How about in the constituencies of ministers? Surely being close to power is intoxicating, no? How about in Sarah Teather’s Brent party?

Ouch. Ah well. Sarah has had a tricky year, what with her hilarious gags and everything.

How about Nick Clegg, the most powerful Lib Dem in history (think on that, if you will). Surely the people of Sheffield Hallam are drawn to him like a moth to an orange flame?

Oh dear.

Now let’s not pretend that Labour is in a perfect position when it comes to membership. We aren’t. We’re far away from being a mass membership party, and many hundreds of thousands of members away from where we need to be in terms of a fighting force that can win elections on the ground.

But these Lib Dem membership slumps are in a single year. One year.

Who would be a Lib Dem these days? Good question.

Reproduced from Mark Ferguson's article on LabourList

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