Sunday, 10 June 2012

Wilson Can Be Beaten In Reading East

Wilson Acting As Hunt's "Bag Man" At Leveson Inquiry
Robert Wilson has been a lucky man. He won the Reading East seat by squeak in 2005 and hasn't faced a serious challenge since.

Having slipped down the Westminster greasy pole from Shadow Front Bencher to Bag Man (sorry, PPS) to a Junior Minister with much to answer at the Leveson Inquiry, his political carrier is in a bit of a tail-spin.

Locally, the Reading East Conservative Association and their Councillors have faced splits and the threat of law suits.

Meanwhile Wilson has tried to boost his local popularity by proposing a new University Technical College for East Reading - only to subsequently distance himself from the plan as the project is forced to be downgraded to a Technical Academy with a huge catchment area from Basingstoke to Wycombe!

With continuing confusion over which parcels of land may or may not be used for the education establishment at Crescent Road - and, disturbingly, what trade-offs will have to made to housing developers, Wilson's part in this has a long way to run yet.

Not content with that, he then further grubs around for votes in the dirt by sticking his nose in the relocation of the Civic Offices to no great effect as the Conservative Councillors at RBC agreed that Plaza West is the best option.

The guy is vulnerable locally and, with the continuing decline in Tory support and organisation, can be beaten at the General Election in 2015. With the Lib Dems also disintegrating, it is entirely plausible for Labour to go from third place to first in less than three years time.

To do that, we have to find the right candidate. In my opinion, that means we have to find a strong local candidate. Residents in Reading East deserve better than Wilson and Labour must answer that call.

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