Friday, 31 August 2012

Lib Dems Split 47%/46% On Clegg's Future

Nick Clegg's grip on the Lib Dem leadership appears to be weakening faster than anyone would have thought.

A new survey conducted by the influential Lib Dem Voice "will make deeply uncomfortable reading for Nick Clegg" as it shows that while 47% of Lib Dem members say they want Nick Clegg to lead the party into the next election, almost exactly the same proportion – 46% – want him to resign as Lib Dem leader before then.

LDV says "the Coalition’s troubles — from the unravelling of George Osborne’s budget to the collapse of Lords reform — means many more Lib Dems are increasingly unhappy about being in alliance with the Tories" and that "For many, in our party and beyond, Nick Clegg personifies the Coalition. And just as party members are now starting to look ahead to post-Coalition times, so are folk also starting to think whether life would be any easier for the party without Nick at the helm."

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