Wednesday, 3 October 2012

My Vision For Britain - Guest Post

A guest post from Ed Miliband, Leader of The Labour Party

I am writing to you today about my vision for Britain.

Today, our country risks becoming two nations, with a million young people out of work, the gap between the richest and everyone else getting worse, and hard work not rewarded.

My core belief is in leaving this country a better place than I found it, and that when people join together, we can overcome any odds.

We did it during the second world war and we did it when rebuilding the country afterwards. That is the spirit Britain needs today.

The mission of the Labour government I will lead will be to rebuild Britain as One Nation.

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That means a One Nation banking system: banks that work for all of us, not gamble our savings in casino operations.

It means a One Nation skills system: a gold standard of vocational education which leads to many more apprenticeships which give opportunities to those who don’t go to university as well as those who do.

It means building a One Nation economy with rules that encourage long-term investment.

It means keeping the United Kingdom together, making immigration work for everybody and recognising that at the moment it does not, and standing up for the values of the NHS.

As another Opposition leader - Benjamin Disraeli - urged 140 years ago, we must govern Britain as One Nation.

Not divide this country between the richest and the rest like this government is doing.

It means governing for the struggling small business as much as the public sector, and standing up to vested interests.

And it means building a country where everybody has a stake, prosperity is fairly shared, and we all feel part of something bigger than ourselves, like we did this summer during the Olympics.

Most of all, it means recognising that we share a destiny and a common life.

That is my vision for Britain.

And that is how we will govern.

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Ed Miliband

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