Monday, 22 October 2012

Wilson's Days Are Numbered

Next General Election Due On 7 May 2015
The process to find Robert Wilson's successor as MP for Reading East has reached another significant landmark: the short-listing of those to be put before a hustings meeting of Labour Party members before the end of the year.

The hopefuls are:

Cllr Richard Davies – Caversham ward Councillor & local business person
Angela Pober - Slough Labour Party
Cllr Matt Rodda – Katesgrove ward Councillor & former Whitehall advisor
Cllr James Walsh – Slough Borough Councillor
Cllr Paul Woodward – Church ward Councillor & professional education advisor

Mean while over in Reading West, Alok Sharma's replacement wil be one of the following:

Cllr Victoria Groulef - Wycombe Councillor & Group Leader
Christine Quigley - former chair of London Young Labour
Debbie Watson – ex Minster ward Councillor

Personally I would have preferred to see a short-list of two in each constituency, with the prospect of a more exciting "head to head" debate giving candidates more time to develop their arguments - another time perhaps!

Next General Election day on Thursday 7 May 2015 looms ever larger, so Rob and Alok should enjoy their train rides back and fore to Westminster while they can - while  we work hard in Reading to get them out!

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