Friday, 16 November 2012

Children In Need: Is This Fair?

An analysis of the level of central government funding demostrates how the cuts have been biased against Labour controlled councils, despite having significantly more children in need.

A look at the councils in Berkshire shows that:

Labour controlled
Reading (with 21.7% children in poverty) has lost £81.47 per head between 2010/11 and 2012/13
Slough (22/7%) lost £86 per head

Conservative controlled
Wokingham (7%) lost £9.10 per head
Windsor & Maidenhead (9.9%) lost £15.20 per head
Bracknell (11.8%) lost £34.19 per head
West Berkshire(11.1%) lost £35.77 per head

Reading has lost 9 times the amount of govermnent support compared to Wokingham, despite having 3 times the number of children living in poverty.

I do hope neither of our Tory MPs pop up in the news exhorting us all to support tonight's Children In Need fund raising events, when their government are so biased against children in need in Reading.

However, if you do wish to donate to Children In Need click here.

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