Thursday, 20 December 2012

Sharma Scrooged!

I attended an enjoyable Christmas lunch at a community association in east Reading earlier today. This is one of the anuual events I always look forward to - with an excellent curry on offer.

However, this year was particularly amusing when the master of ceremonies introduced, amongst the guests, Martin Salter, Alok Sharma and Viki Groulef as the former, present and future MPs for Reading West!

The look on Sharma's face was one which might have made Alastair Sim laugh out loud!

Some Tories started drifting away from the event describing it as a "Labour Party Rally" - surely no way to describe the Pakistani Community in Reading!

No Rob Wilson in attendance or any Reading Tory councillors.

No Lib Dems either - but they are very thin on the ground these days.

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