Monday, 10 December 2012

Wilson's Secret School Plans Revealed

"For me to know and you to find out"

Current Reading East MP Rob Wilson is holding a public meeting tomorrow (Tuesday 11 December) on the issue of a new secondary school for the area.

Reading Council's Lead Councillor for Education, John Ennis, met with Wilson two months ago and when asked about his involvement with an organisation to build a new secondary school Wilson indicated it was for him to know and us to find out and suggested that he (Wilson) did not need to consult parents and we will find out when it is finalised.

Fast forward to last Friday when Reading Council was approached by GEMS - a global education provider -  with a  request that they be  allowed to approach schools to get parents to complete a questionnaire about their preferences for a new secondary school.

The DfE has stipulated that 150 parents of year four children must sign a form stating they would make the new school their first choice and 150 parents of year five children also signing the preferential form.

As this exercise has to be completed by 4th January, RBC readily agreed to allow GEMS to write to some schools - Redlands, Alfred Sutton and Newtown - asking them to ask parents to complete forms.

Wilson has obviously had a problem with his plan A as he is rushing out to consult and he has gone cap in hand to the council.

It should be noted that the council is helping Wilson with this plan despite his arrogance, for the sake of the children of east Reading and will help further. But there must be full parent involvement ijn these plans and Wilson should stop playing politics with schools.

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