Thursday, 21 February 2013

Redlands By-Election Alert: Benson Off To Essex

Benson: The Only Way Is Out
ews that Lib Dem Daisy Benson is making a huge effort to secure the parliamentary selection in Saffron Walden means that residents in Redlands must surely face a by-election in the near future.

It's one thing for the Lib Dem Group leader not to turn up at council meetings because she is working on a Lib Dem Party phonebank instead, but as the council moves to a committee based form of administration from next May, she will be expected to attend the executive and other committees. Benson already has a reputation for arriving late to the few meetings she is expected to attend now, or even missing them altogether, so we can only expect to see less and less of her in the future.

In any event, if selected, won't the good residents of Saffron Walden expect her to move to the area? It's been clear for some time that Benson will find it hard to hold on to her council seat in 2015, so it will be no surprise if she soon disappears to Essex on a permanent basis.

Labour has already started the process of selecting our next candidate to pick up the last remaining seat in Redlands in 2015. Redlands needs a councillor committed to the ward - not casting around the country to further their own ambitions.

UPDATE: Sadly Cllr Benson didn't get selected: where will she try next?

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