Thursday, 14 March 2013

Thank You Peter Kellner

Peter Kellner Supporting Redlands Labour

 I am greatly indebted to Peter Kellner, the President of YouGov and political commentator, for being the guest speaker at the latest Redlands Labour Party fund-raising event this week.

Formerly the political analyst of the BBC Newsnight current affairs programme, Peter has also been a journalist with The Sunday Times, The Independent, New Statesman and Evening Standard newspapers.

In 2011, Peter received a Special Recognition Award from the Political Studies Association in recognition of his achievements in "bringing polling and intelligent use of numbers and figures to election coverage

Peter offered some fascinating insights into the world of opinion polling as well as some interesting commentary on the corridors of power and the Westminster village - and what Labour needs to do to win back public support by the next general election. 

Peter followed Estelle Morris and Alistair Campbell as guest speakers at our now firmly established fund-raising event of the year in Redlands.

By my reckoning, that's most of our popular leaflets and postcards paid for, so once again, thank you Peter!

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