Monday, 22 April 2013

Jailed Lib Dem Millionaire Fights Court Costs

Chris Huhne, the jailed former energy secretary has offered to pay less than a quarter of the costs incurred by the taxpayer in bringing him to justice, a court heard today, according to the Daily Telegraph.

Prosecutors are seeking to recover more than £108,000 from the shamed ex-politician, who is expected to leave jail two months into his eight months sentance for perverting the course of justice.

But Mr Huhne, who has a multi-million pound property portfolio, has offered to repay just £25,000, of the total, with his lawyers arguing it represented a “reasonable and arguably generous” amount.

He admitted the offence as the trial was about to begin, but not before spending months attempting to have the case against him thrown out. Prosecutor Andrew Edis QC said the figure of £108.541.15 was the result of Mr Huhne’s protracted attempts to avoid prosecution, despite knowing all along he was guilty. Mr Edis said “All of this occurred because Mr Huhne decided to do everything he could to try and get away with what he had done and gave in only at the last minute, when defeat was inevitable.”

Mr Kelsey-Fry QC representing Mr Huhne said “It is true that had my client pleaded guilty at the police station the just and reasonable costs would have been considerably less."

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