Friday, 3 May 2013

New Home For Alexandra Road Mosque?

Sutton Seeds roundabout: new home for Alexandra Rd mosque?
Reading Chronicle is reporting that there are plans for the Jamme Masjid mosque, currentlty based in Alexandra Road, to move to a new home near the Sutton Seeds roundabout.
The Chron says "A Muslim group is hoping to convert the De Boves House office block at the Sutton Seeds roundabout in a £2.25m project to create a more spacious place to pray. Jamme Masjid Reading, which has already tried to build a new mosque in Green Road, says that it reached an agreement to buy the building on March 28."
"Trustees of the group, currently based in a cramped, converted Victorian house in Alexandra Road, calling on members of the Muslim community to help raise the £400,000 needed to refurbish the building."
"The current mosque has overgrown its building quite badly and the parking is a big issue, as is people coming onto the streets after prayer, but here there won't be those problems. Its got its own space now, it's in the right place for the community and there's ample parking. It's perfect all round and it will serve the community really well."

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