Friday, 21 June 2013

20mph Speed Limit Coming To Redlands

Coming To Redlands Soon
Following lobbying from Labour Councillors in Redlands, RBC has agreed to develop proposals for the introduction of a 20mph speed limit on some roads in the ward.

The last Traffic Management Sub Committee, held on 13 June 2013, received the first outline plans which included Addington Road. Alexandra Road, De Beauvoir Road, Eastern Avenue, Erleigh Road and Upper Redlands Road.

However, given that the Council is about to install three pedestrian crossings in Redlands Road later in the summer, Redlands Councillor Tony Jones persuaded the committee that Redlands Road, Allcroft Road, Morgan Road and perhaps Kendrick Road should also be considered.

Council officers will now develop a public consultation strategy to ensure local residents have an opportunity to comment on the proposals.

Note: The introduction of a 20mph scheme in Portsmouth had led residents and councillors to belive that the benefits were:

Better for children – safe streets where they can walk, cycle and play.
Better for older people and the disabled – quieter roads with slower traffic means it’s easier to keep your independence and mobility.
Better for pedestrians – safer, quieter, cleaner streets are nicer places to walk.
Better for cyclists – a network of safe residential roads means many more journeys become possible without the need for cycle lanes.
Better for motorists – more people cycling and walking means less congestion and less pressure on parking. Slower speeds means less aggressive driving behaviour and fewer crashes.


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