Friday, 28 June 2013

Cintra Park: Improvements On The Way

Following lobbying from Redlands Labour councillors and activists, Reading Council has agreed to spend £36,000 on a set of improvements to Cintra Park. These could include:

  • Completion of the footpath around the perimeter of the park (£14,375)
  • Exercise trail (£9,700) 
  • Extension of fenced play area (£6,500)
  • New park furniture – principally benches (£3,000)
  • Tree planting (£500 per tree)
The map below shows the locations of the proposals – the new path is indicated in red on the map.

The path should be completed in the same material and width as the rest of the park. Circular routes tend to be the ones most used by park visitors and effectively encourage exercise.
Exercise trail
We would wish to locate equipment at points around the perimeter of the park to encourage people to run from item to item, mixing running with other exercises. The location of the fitness trail equipment has not yet been determined.
Extension of fenced play area
Following requests for picnic seating which was free from dogs, the most effective method of doing this would be to extend the fencing around the play area. This has worked well at other sites including Christchurch Meadows. The space is used by both young children and adults as well as older family members. People are able to supervise their children and others wishing to simply stop and relax are able to do so without being in the middle of the playground.
The £6,500 budget would probably only buy 2 picnic tables but more could be added subsequently.
New park furniture
Benches or seats will cost in the region of £750-£1,000 to install on new concrete pads which are necessary to prevent erosion and excessive mud in wet weather.
Tree planting
In the last two years the council has tried on three separate occasions to establish new tree lines and these have been repeatedly vandalised. If we are to establish them we will need to protect them better and would propose to enclose them within a 1.5-2m wide wooden railing. If this does not work, it is unlikely that we could establish new trees in this location. We may therefore, choose to delay another year or two before planting.
Whilst the total of the above items exceeds the £36,000 budget, it will be necessary to determine the amount of furniture purchased and whether or not we decide to carry out the tree planting to keep within the budget. The tree planting for example, could be done at a future date when further funding becomes available.


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