Thursday, 26 September 2013

RBH School: No Playing Fields, More Parking

RBH School: No Playing Fields, More Parking
Reading East MP Rob Wilson presses ahead with his ill-considered plan to turn the Royal Berks Hospital London Road buildings into a secondary school for east Reading.
There is no doubt that we need additional secondary school places in east Reading, but it would be much better if the development of any free school was in consultation with the local education authority which has responsibility for planning school places and we hope that the hospital and Education Funding Agency will meet with us soon to discuss their plans.
While I understand that the condition of this hugely significant listed and iconic building is a problem the RBH has to deal with, it seems likely that the cost of refurbishing it and turning it into a free school would be very high.
There will also be significant planning issues which need to be looked at - everything from traffic to the protection of the listed building. I would also have questions about obvious issues such as where there could be outside space for sport and recreation which all schools need.
And it will certainly be the case that residents in Redlands ward will not welcome even more car parking being squeezed on to our streets.
Rob Wilson seems to be determined to seek any site other than the one recently purchased by the council at Crescent Road, adjacent to the new UTC, in the heart of east Reading. Perhaps he should put his ego to one side and work with the council to come up with the best solution for the future school needs in the area.
Come on Rob, the RBH site on London Road is the wrong place.

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