Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Wilson's Barmy Plan: RBH To Become School

Royal Berks Free School Anyone?
News has reached me that Reading East MP Rob Wilson has been busying himself (at last) trying to find a site for a new free school in east Reading. It is nearly a year since a public meeting was told that he was "60% there" in securing a workable plan.

Now, twelve months on, central government officials have been in contact with Reading council to ask if we supported Wilson's plan to turn the historic old front buildings into a free school. Council officers, I understand, were less than impressed with such a barmy plan!

Not put off, I also hear that NHS land at Craven Road is also the subject of some frantic speculation.

We will see. I think the best bet for a new school in east Reading is still at the Crescent Road site - recently purchased back by Reading council - land which others seemed content should be used for housing.

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