Friday, 24 January 2014

Exclusive: Willis Leadership Bid Fails

New Tory Leader Jeanette Skeats
Further to my post last week, news has reached me of the outcome of the Reading Conservative leadership contest.

Despite feverish efforts over the past few days it seems that Richard Willis has failed in his attempt to become the next leader of the divided group. Known to split loyalties and opinions, it is believed that at least one leading Tory would have stood down from the council rather than serve under Willis as leader.

And so Jeanette Skeats has emerged as their new leader.

However, the plan to have Ed Hopper serve as a compromise or unifying Deputy to satisfy the fighting factions was dumped in favour of Willis being given that position. 

Interestingly, neither Willis' blog ("First for local news") nor his twitter feed has yet to offer any words of congratulation to Cllr Skeats.

So well done and good luck Jeanette - with Tory leaders on Reading Council lasting little longer than a Premiership manager these days - enjoy it when and while you can!

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