Sunday, 9 February 2014

New East Reading Secondary School: 11 to 16 Years Only

New School: Better Here Than RBH
Recent media reports have trumpted the successful bid by Maiden Erlegh School to build a new secondary school in east Reading. 

Now the plans for a 900 pupils school also get Rob Wilson off the hook for his always bonkers plan of siting a new school at the Royal Berks Hospital campus on London Road as this is now, apparently, too small.

However, what has not been widely advertised is that the Maiden Erlegh plan is not for a full secondary school at all, but would be limited to being a school for 11 to 16 year olds only - a fact, which in fairness, is included on their websiteAs this news filters out, it is already causing much disgruntlement in east Reading and a growing belief that Wilson has once again sold the community short. 

Meanwhile Wilson seems to prefer spending his time criticising Reading schools from the safety of Westminster rather than engage with Reading Borough Council in any constructive dialogue. A nice way to represent the town!

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