Thursday, 26 June 2014

More Residents' Parking In Redlands

New Road And The Mount To Have Residents' Parking
UPDATE: The New Road and Mount schemes are due to  go live on Monday 15 September.

Reading Council has agreed to introduce residents' parking schemes in New Road and The Mount.

Following the rejection of a ward-wide scheme a couple of years ago, Redlands Councillors Jan Gavin and Tony Jones have continued to listen to and work with residents who have asked for schemes in their streets.

Last year saw the extension of a scheme in Upper Redlands Road and now households in New Road and The Mount are also set to benefit from have schemes of their own introduced. 

The schemes are a direct consequence of councillors working with residents, in workshops, surveys and house meetings and professional advice from council officers. Each scheme is different, as the council recognises that no "one size fits all" often isn't the best plan.

Other streets are already in a similar process, so if you think you may benefit from a residents' parking scheme, contact Jan, Tony and David.

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