Monday, 9 June 2014

Nurses' Pay: A National Disgrace

All In It Together?
This year the NHS Pay Review Body recommended a 1% increase to hourly rates for all NHS staff in the UK. 

However, the Department of Health has ignored this for staff in England and instead announced a 1% ‘non-consolidated’ pay award for those NHS staff on the top of their bands. 

This means that pay scales in 2016 will be the same in 2013. Those staff who are not yet at the top of their band, around 60%, will get no cost of living increase from 1 April.

I'm angry that hardworking NHS staff are being told that they are not worth a decent pay rise. After three years of pay freeze they are now falling even further behind increases in the cost of living.

This year’s NHS pay offer means:
·         different rates of pay in different parts of the UK
·         only those at the top of their band get a pay rise, with nothing added to hourly rates
·         incremental progression being used as a substitute for the cost of living uplift.

I want the Westminster government to provide proper funding for the NHS and to work across the four UK governments to deliver a settlement which:
·         begins to reinstate the value of NHS pay lost since 2010
·         pays the Living Wage to the lowest paid health staff
·         reinstates UK-wide pay scales, lifting pay up to the best achievable rates
·         commits all four countries to national bargaining structures, thus maintaining and promoting Agenda for Change terms and conditions.

I believe that the public deserves a quality NHS with staff that are well motivated and properly rewarded for the vital work they do; with hospitals that have enough staff to ensure patients are safe; and with a workforce that is properly trained and equipped to deliver quality healthcare in the 21st century.

We want ministers to properly fund the NHS to ensure this happens across the UK. 
Please can you ask Jeremy Hunt to rethink this divisive pay strategy.   

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