Thursday, 11 September 2014

NHS Seven Day Working: What Will It Mean For Redlands?

With the government and NHS England promising an ever increasing number of NHS services to be made available seven days a week, it is time to ask what impact this may have on residents living in Redlands.

Though the changes are not limited to expanding more week-end working in hospitals, there is no doubt that these are the places where changes may initially become more apparent to the public.

There are strong arguments for the more efficient use of expensive machinery and greater flexibility for elective treatment down the line which could prove popular.

However, if this means, for example, more day time traffic to and from the Royal Berks Hospital campus and more staff and visitors car parking required on a Saturday and Sunday, then this becomes a live issue for local residents in the area, who can already struggle with the current pressures out side their front doors Monday to Friday - and the relative respite on weekends.

Rest assured that Redlands' Labour Councillors are on the case!

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