Saturday, 30 May 2015

Ex-Mayor: Thank You Reading

Mayor Tony Jones & Mayoress Liz Terry
I would like to say a big "Thank You" to all those individuals and organisations who supported my recent tenure in office as the Mayor of Reading.

Reading is a great town and as the Mayor you get to meet some of the invisible army of so-called "ordinary people" doing extra-ordinary things, who week in week out selflessly give up their time for the benefit of others, but who rarely receive any acknowledgement or publicity.

Should these quiet heroes ever decide to down tools and walk away our society would certainly be all the poorer for it. So I say "thank you" for your work.

I am also grateful to the council staff, local journalists and Reading's burgeoning social media community for providing the publicity on which so many of any Mayor's duties depend.

It has been a huge privilege to have served in the office of Mayor of Reading for a second time and I am also grateful for the support I have been given over the past year by the Deputy Mayor - now Mayor Sarah Hacker - and wish her well in stepping up to the role of the town's "first citizen".

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