Saturday, 27 June 2015

Residents Parking: Our No.1 Priority

Our No.1 priority this year

Residents are telling us they think it is time for us to have another look at a wide-area parking scheme for ‘old Redlands’. SO WE WILL.
Finding a parking space near our homes in Redlands is getting harder and harder!  Our narrow terraced streets are increasingly becoming an alternative free car park for the Royal Berks Hospital and Reading University. 
The hospital has planning permission to build on the staff car park on Addington Road and government plans for 7 day working in the NHS will only add to the daily pressure of patients, visitors and workers looking for somewhere to park.
With the University also introducing ‘Pay & Display’ in their visitor car parks, we believe that these developments can only mean it will get harder for residents to find somewhere to park near where you live every day of the week.
Three years ago residents in Redlands were asked if they wanted a wide area residents parking scheme. At that time there was not sufficient support for the council to introduce that plan.
We were against simply imposing the scheme without your support.
Redlands New Residents Parking Protection Area
However, since then, your Labour councillors have responded to requests from groups of residents and worked with them to introduce bespoke schemes which protect parking in their streets, at the times they need it, including in The Mount, New Road, Upper Redlands Road and Granby Gardens. 
We are currently working with residents in Marlborough Avenue and Eastern Avenue to find a solution to their parking issues.
So we are now working on some ideas for a wider Redlands plan to discuss with residents later in the summer. 
In the meanwhile, why don’t you email one of us, telling us which road you live in and whether you would like to consider a resident parking scheme for your road.  
Or log-on to our Facebook Page and leave a comment [] or write to us at Redlands Labour Party, 34 Morgan Road, RG1 5HG.
(This article was originally published in the June 2015 edition of "Redlands Matters" free newsletter)

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