Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Smaller Refuse Lorry For Redlands

The Future Of Bin Collections In Redlands?
Council agrees to Labour call for smaller refuse lorry in Redlands

Labour councillors in Redlands know that  refuse bin collections can sometimes be missed because the council’s lorries have not been able to access some of our tighter terraced streets—and this is as frustrating for the council as it is to residents.

So at the Reading Council meeting held on 23 February, Redlands councillor Tony Jones asked the council to investigate buying a smaller vehicle to help out in Redlands and elsewhere.

We are delighted to report that the council has agreed to do just that—and we can expect to see a demonstration vehicle on trial any day now. Or perhaps all that residents will notice is that their bins have been emptied! 

Tony Jones said “I am delighted that even with a difficult budget the council can find money for this important vehicle for Redlands.”

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