Thursday, 28 April 2016

If You Tolerate This ...

It was entirely predictable - in fact, a racing certainty - that the Reading East Conservatives would use the ill-informed press release of the Reading East MP concerning the recent Ofsted letter to Reading Borough Council as an attack piece in their pre-council elections leaflets.

At the heart of their claim is that secondary school pupils receiving free school meals were doing less-well at GCSE and this was the responsibility of the council.

And this was all "A devastating criticism of the Labour-run council to read that these disadvantaged young people's opportunities are being destroyed and their aspirations stifled. It demonstrates that Reading Borough Council simply cannot be allowed to remain in control of young people's education."

Of course, what the neither original press release from the MP or the article in the Tory leaflet says (either through ignorance or design - make up your own mind) is that the cause of the drop in the overall figures quoted by Ofsted was entirely because of the decline in the performance in academies in the town. Remember, the council has no direct influence over the independently run academies.

Of the two remaining non-academy secondary schools, one had improved and another stayed the same. More details can be found hereThe very opposite of "RBC controlled schools"!  

And all the while the Tories in Reading want to force all schools to become academies, whether they want to or not.

So one is left to ponder, if the Tories will deliberately seek to mislead the public on this matter, what else are they not being accurate about?

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