Friday, 15 April 2016

The Cost Of Academies In Reading

Upcroft left £66,000 debt with RBC
Much has been said recently about the government's decision to force all schools to be become academies by 2020 or else have plans to do so by 2022.

So here is some information relating to the conversion costs in Reading.

The average cost to Reading council including legal fees  when a school has converted to become an academy in £14,000.

Since 2010 £112,000 has been spent on eight conversions.

In addition, £66,000 debt has been left with the council when Upcroft converted to academy status.

The cost of converting the remaining schools which have so far chosen not to convert would be, based on the costs incurred above, around £324,000 (£14k x 36 less £5k conversion fee charge).

Surely it is an odd arrangement where a council has to pay to transfer some of it's assets to an outside body.

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