Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Redlands 20 MPH Zone Arrives This Weekend

Alive in Redlands from this Sunday
The much heralded 20 mph zone arrives in Redlands this weekend!

The vast majority of the 128 signs will be in place by this Sunday, 22nd May and the zone will then be activated.

The scheme had been put on hold while anticipated changes in national government regulations were awaited. However, following calls from Labour councillors in January to press ahead anyway, the council was eventually able to move ahead with the scheme.

Evidence shows that most drivers will respect the scheme - and those who don't will find that further enforcement measures will be taken to bolster the scheme.

No doubt others will do their best to claim credit for this scheme in Redlands - as Labour councillors we are very proud to have delivered it for residents who live in our ward.

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adrian lawson said...

Let's hope that leads to more people cycling.