Sunday, 29 January 2017

More Bottle Banks For Redlands

Metal caps can now be recycled with bottles
Redlands Labour Councillors have requested that the Council, in conjunction with the waste and recycling partnership Re3, increase the number and locations of "bottle banks" in Redlands.

The ward currently benefits from glass bottle collection points at Cintra Park (Northumberland Avenue entrance), two in Erleigh Road (near Fruit Bat and near the elecricity sub-station close to junction at Addington Road), and Hexham Road (near 116/122 Hexham Road flats).

We also have the bottle banks at Palmer Park and Whitley Street near by, just outside the ward bounadries.

However, particularly in the densely populated old Victorian terraces in "old Redlands", there may be opportunities for more collection points so we've asked the council to investigate.

PS Did you know that you can also "leave your cap on" when recycling empty wine bottles!

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