Monday, 2 January 2017

School Improvements Under Threat By Government Cuts

JMA could lose £828,822 by 2019
Schools in Reading are improving. 
However, let's not pretend, there is still more to be done. 
Yet this progress is now at risk with big cuts in central government grants. The Local Government Association says minsters intend to cut a £450 million budget covering school improvement work to just £50 million later this year.
In addition, schools are facing massive cuts to their budgets with Reading facing a reduction of around £5.8 million over the next two years.
As an example, unless the government changes course, the John Madejski Academy could lose £858,822 by 2019, the equivalent of  £920 per pupil or funding for 18 teachers. This school needs all the help it can get, yet these savage cuts will mean it faces an even tougher challenge in making continued improvement.
Other examples include Reading Girls' School is set to lose £209k or £231 per pupil, Alfred Sutton Primary £54k or £454 per pupil and Redlands Primary £75k or £318 per pupil.
Reading's MPs must now stand up for Reading's schools and demand that no school in Reading faces a cut to its funding.

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