Friday, 3 February 2017

Schools Should Not Need Begging Bowls

Caversham Primary (picture courtesy of Reading Chronicle)
The news that Caversham Primary School has asked parents to pay for their children's education is deeply depressing.

As the Reading Chronicle reports Ruth Perry, head teacher at Caversham Primary said "We are struggling financially because of the cuts being made to the education budget".

And to be clear, education funding comes from central government, not the council.

We often hear from our MPs that we have a strong economy yet in 21st century Britain good, well-led schools like CPS feel they have no alternative but to hold out a begging bowl to parents and ask them to pay. 

This is not good enough.

And next year we are led to believe that the Conservative government's new "Fairer Funding" scheme for schools will see savage cuts to school budgets in Reading as elsewhere.

Fine words of concern from our representatives in Westminster make them no more than empty vessels - we need action and results to help schools like Caversham Primary now.


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