Wednesday, 8 March 2017

School Funding - Letter from Reading Primary School Heads

As we await today's budget and what it may mean for school funding, here is a letter recently circulated on behalf of 27 Reading Head Teachers:

Dear parent or carer,

On behalf of 27 Reading Head teachers

School Funding

You may have seen a number of stories in the press around school funding. There have been worrying headlines and we felt it important that we let you know, as far as we are able at this stage, how this will affect schools. 

School budgets across the country have been under pressure for some time. The senior leadership teams at many schools have been faced with funding challenges, leading to a number of tough decisions being made at some schools. In time, it will affect more schools.

The National Association of Head Teachers (NAHT) has shown that more than half of school leaders felt that their budget would be untenable by 2018/19. The National Audit Office estimate a £3 billion real terms cut across all phases and in all schools.

The recent headlines have been caused by a proposed new funding formula for schools, designed to create a fairer allocation. However, with increasing costs placed onto all schools, including higher pension and national insurance contributions as well as the introduction of the apprenticeship levy, the new formula will not bring the benefits that we had hoped to see.  The School Cuts website, analysing DfE data, projects that schools in our local authority will lose £7,275,456 in total (data from

We will work hard to ensure that cuts have the least impact on teaching possible. However, rising costs and a frozen budget mean that tough decisions will have to be taken. We cannot guarantee that such cuts will not affect teaching, despite doing our utmost to prevent this.

Please be assured that we will take absolute care with budgets, to ensure all the money we have is spent effectively on your children. We are also letting the local authority and government know just how serious the funding issue has become.

We will certainly let you know in plenty of time if our budget means we’ll have to take a significant decision on staffing or activities.

Yours faithfully,

M Bainbridge   St Marys & All Saints Primary
L Bedlow          Caversham Children’s Centre & Newbridge Nursery
S Bergson        Redlands Primary
N Browne         Moorlands Primary & Park Lane Primary
J Budge           Blagdon Nursery
M Buller           St Anne’s Catholic Primary &St Martin’s Catholic Primary
J Carroll           English Martyrs’ Catholic Primary
C Clare            Geoffrey Field Junior
J Cosgrove      Christ the King Catholic Primary
M Cosgrove     The Ridgeway Primary
C Doberska      New Christ Church CE Primary
D Cox              The Hill Primary
T Crossman     Emmer Green Primary
S Daniel           All Saints Junior School
K Edwards       The Heights Primary
S Farrow          Geoffrey Field Infant
D Heath           Norcot Nursery
M Frost            Micklands Primary
J Gray               Battle Primary Academy
J McMinn         E P Collier Primary
E Payne           Blagrave Nursery
S Pengelly        Coley Primary
G Ray              Caversham Park Primary
K Salter            Whitley Park Primary
F Swain            Manor Primary
L Telling           Katesgrove Primary & Southcote Primary
H Wallace        Thameside Primary

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