Sunday, 8 October 2017

Broken Britain

The Tories have been governing Britain since 2010.

In the past few days and weeks this is what the Prime Minister and other senior Tories have had to say about some key aspects of our country and economy:

"We have a fractured health and social care system"

"We need to fix the broken housing market"

"The energy market is broken and needs to be fixed"

"For too many children a good school remains out of reach"

"Remains below where it was in 2007 - such a period of stagnation is unprecedented in modern times"

But just don't ask them to take any responsibility for this mess.

Or as Lord Heseltine described the situation earlier today "A deeply divided cabinet, a deeply divided country, a deeply divided party" and, of course, "the Tories do not want an early general election"

speaking on The World This Weekend, BBC Radio 4, today

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