Monday, 1 January 2018

Challenges for 2018

2018 will be a year of great challenge.


The year on year cuts to central government support for Reading Borough Council means that all services continue to be under the combined pressures of often increased demand and reduced resources. 

There will be calls from many saying "We do appreciate that the council has to make some tough decisions, but please protect (... fill in personal cause, project or service...)".

The Labour Group of councillors will, as required by law, set a balanced budget - though do expect the usual mixture of posturing (Green Party), trivia (Lib Dems) and vacuous talk (Conservatives) from the other parties. 

It will all be available for the record on the council's webcasting site.


On a more exciting front, the process to select the next Labour parliamentary candidate for the Reading West seat will shortly get underway.

As a resident of Reading East I have no say in these matters, so I simply offer the following observations:

The successful candidate will be an existing Reading Labour councillor - and frankly it is hard to see past either Rachel Eden or Sarah Hacker, both of whom offer very strong local credentials.

And with an expanded and rejuvenated party membership under Jeremy Corbyn's national leadership, each can be confident of unseating the current Tory MP in Reading West whenever May dares call the next general election.


The council is in the middle of consulting on the extension or introduction of resident parking zones across the borough. But more news of that in the next few days ... 

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