Friday, 2 November 2018

Reading - a positive view from outside

A while ago, when I was Chair of Reading Buses, it was not unusual for someone to comment to me on the operation of our local bus company, often in negative terms. However, when pressed, it would be revealed that the commentator (a) didn't use Reading buses and (b) didn't use buses in any other town or city: views based on ignorance or prejudice with no reference point.

It remains the case today that more often than not the strongest critics of our town can usually be found from amongst us, talking the town down or complaining that somehow we should be delivering a Rolls-Royce service on a Fiat Punto budget.

So when an outside, independent voice is heard, I think it is always worth considering, so I've added a link to the recent Demos/PwC survey on Good Growth For Cities index, which placed Reading second in its national survey.
Yes we need more affordable housing, yes we have areas of deprivation, but overall it's a  pretty good story for Reading. 

Perhaps sometimes looking beyond the borough boundary helps with perspective.

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