Wednesday, 19 December 2018

Redlands 20mph Zone - Better Enforcement On The Way

Redlands ward boundary in Blue / 20mph zone boundary in Red 
REDLANDS LABOUR is proud to have introduced the 20mph zone (Marked in red on the map opposite).

However, we are also aware how the speed limits are routinely abused and ignored by many thoughtless drivers.

Speaking at Reading Council's Policy Committee, Redlands ward councillor Tony Jones said "We are not giving up on 20mph areas and zones, we want to make them better" (*).

Among the many options and suggestions from residents under consideration are: road humps, road cushions, rumble strips, chicanes, road narrowing and speed cameras.

RBC has allocated money secured from planning developments to pay for the 20mph enhancements in Redlands. (The Green councillor voted against this item).

Any local residents who wish to add their comments or suggestions should email Councillor Tony Jones at

(*) You can hear Councillor Jones speak from minute 0:50:59 on the council webcast Policy Committee - 26 November 2018 - Item 8 - Community Infrastructure Levy link here.

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